Happy New Year! See you in 2024
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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

What kind of content do you publish in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks?
1. Movies
2. Music
3. Books
4. Games
5. Applications
6. Other content

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋節快樂! 🐰🌝

some users have asked us how comes that we are showing a download progress but there is not file actually downloaded to the actual device. This is not fake. This is because to make the GUI nicer, we download the content into a blob, into the memory of the web browser and, once it is completed, we dump the blob into the actual file which is handled by the UI of the web browser, so you will need to keep the page open during the download or the progress will be lost

torrents under 1GB are free of charge to download, then we charge per every 100MB above this 1GB. To make it anonymous, we allow payments through cryptocurrencies, no credit cards are required

Another common problem that we have been seeing in how our users use our Anonymous Online BitTorrent Web Client service is the endless waiting for completely download the torrents in our servers and it is because there is a lot of files that are not complete in the torrent network because the original file is not longer available and other clients that were cloning the file got it incomplete. Please if you are taking the torrent files from a public directory, check if the file is complete or contact with whom is sharing the file to make it fully available longer in time

One of the common problems that our users face when using our Anonymous Online BitTorrent Web Client is having to wait very long until the torrent starts to be downloaded in our servers is the serving parties saying that we don't have permission to download the torrent so that please make sure you want to download a public file
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