Happy New Year! See you in 2024
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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

What kind of content do you publish in peer-to-peer (P2P) networks?
1. Movies
2. Music
3. Books
4. Games
5. Applications
6. Other content

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! 中秋節快樂! 🐰🌝

some users have asked us how comes that we are showing a download progress but there is not file actually downloaded to the actual device. This is not fake. This is because to make the GUI nicer, we download the content into a blob, into the memory of the web browser and, once it is completed, we dump the blob into the actual file which is handled by the UI of the web browser, so you will need to keep the page open during the download or the progress will be lost

torrents under 1GB are free of charge to download, then we charge per every 100MB above this 1GB. To make it anonymous, we allow payments through cryptocurrencies, no credit cards are required

Another common problem that we have been seeing in how our users use our Anonymous Online BitTorrent Web Client service is the endless waiting for completely download the torrents in our servers and it is because there is a lot of files that are not complete in the torrent network because the original file is not longer available and other clients that were cloning the file got it incomplete. Please if you are taking the torrent files from a public directory, check if the file is complete or contact with whom is sharing the file to make it fully available longer in time

One of the common problems that our users face when using our Anonymous Online BitTorrent Web Client is having to wait very long until the torrent starts to be downloaded in our servers is the serving parties saying that we don't have permission to download the torrent so that please make sure you want to download a public file

We'd like to celebrate with all our customers, stakeholders, followers and the people in general a Happy New Year 2023! Thank you for being in there! 🎊🎉

if you are a # collector, hobbist or curious, and you want to download some for inspection, you may get some via # getting the links from and paste them in our # # # # # at , but remember, if you want to use them, purchase them from their respective market and check with the author their respective license

if you're trading # or other crypto currencies like big players you may want to query exchange rates with our bot and being notified when reached certain limits

while big players are being paid in crypto currencies follow their exchange rate with us

whatever currency # start to accept now like # # and later, remember to keep an eye on # # # at by the way Elon Musk also likes # #
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by the way, we also accept # for our #. We already have some customers who are paying us in # #

web browsers interpret values like 45.00 as strings instead of numbers (with 45, we get a number), so we've patched our widget to care about this situation. Feel free in integrate it in your websites 😀

See more at
verified in chromium based web browsers and firefox

# is popular again thanks to all these guys who love to publish # of # , # , # , # , etc. Do not hesiste to use our # # to # and # your spoilers!
To all whom like to publish # of # , # , # , etc. We also have # # and # # through our website 😁
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uryyb zl sevraqf!

when you hear about a # like # costs the estimated 1.2 billion # # # , how much is the # in your # # ? discover it with our currency exchange service
for more references, please take a look at their profile in wikipedia

We are starting to integrate other currency exchange rates providers like # in our service starting with # coin (aka #.

Please contact us if your company or organization is trading assets, and you have way (API, etc.) to share exchange rate info.
This change also allows our # Messenger # to provide you exchange rate information for # # # as well as alerts

Just a quick reminder that the reason of why some downloads stuck in our # # # is because the lack of seeder peers. Please be patience and remember to return back to our page for status.

Today Facebook "surprised" again in its sharing articles way, because we liked our article twice, shared it once, then on sharing into another page of our own they said they won't do that and our account has been restricted, without telling what has been restricted, and they asked me if we agree with that, so we told them we were not agreeing thinking if they are going to ask us for feedback but nothing else. We ended typing other article in our other page but related with the first one.

Here we don't complain about their rules, they can do whatever they want with their product, right? but in the way they alert you or inform you once after the action has been done without any previous alert and without anyway to rollback, and asking you for just looking at their ambiguous community rules with so much wide terms.

trading # # ? do you need to follow up the evolution? check up at the charts generated in our website. They can be embedded in your websites too.

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Are you trading # or # ? Beware about the exchange rate

Follow up your favorite currencies with us and query the value of the # by just asking "1 btc" to our # at
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We've purged old and dusty torrents which last activity was older than 24 hours without anyone downloading them, so anyone attempting to download something with us and got stuck should get its download activity resumed. Thanks for you using our services!
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Merry Christmas! 😁

Make the red cylinder robots to crash against the blue blocks before they catch you!

Find our VR/AR mini game for web and mobile out at # # # # # #
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Find a video of the game play out at
Chased by Robots VR/AR web game

Make the red cylinder robots to crash against the blue blocks before they catch you!This video is about the game play of our VR/AR mini game for web and mobile which is playable at #VR #AR #VRGame #ARGame #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality

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Facebook: Lucentinian Works Co Ltd

Are you looking for enhancing your websites and hybrid apps with VR/AR experience?

we can help you to upgrade your projects with our skills and experience.

About our demo game: it is about the classic chased by robots game, in this case, you are driving a pink ball around the field. The red cylinder robots are chasing you. Make them crash against the blue blocks. Point with the O to illuminate the yellow blocks around the ball to follow the direction.

Checkout for the video at

# # # # # #

Checkout the modality for # below

Everything seems fine after servers updated. If you find any trouble, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Servers are going into maintenance in 10 minutes

Are you following the # of your # #? Follow the # # of # regarding other currencies like U.S. # ( # ) with our # or # them in your websites with ease with this HMTL code

<iframe src=''></iframe>

for more information, visit our website

Are you following the evolution of # too? Get notified by our # # # # # when it has reached a limit regarding your favorite currency!

For example, if you want to know when 1 # is over 0.01 #

/watch doge > 0.01 eur

Or if you want to know when 1 # is under 10 # #

/watch doge < 10 twd

How much may to # # cost with our service? Its # # is less than 1GB, so get it # ! #

# not found in the official website? why not use #? # # # #

We have added two tables to our Currency Exchange website with the most typical values. The first of them shows the list of the most typical values then their converted values. The second is just the opposite for the conversion that is being queried.

What do you think about these fix values? Do you use other values?

# # #

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